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Our Vision

So much more than buildings and homes

Over the many years, each in our own way, we’ve come to realize that there are special places in this world that set themselves apart from the rest. These physical places can become settings for our lives, our aspirations, and our dreams. With our background, our family and our team, we have carefully crafted that physical place in Pointe-Marie.

We also know that to make a real village it takes more than just design and construction. So, in addition to the physical place, we bring life into our village, mixing traditions, new and old, with the rich French and Creole culture that the Guillaume family has enjoyed for generations.

Our Story Is Not The “Typical” Real Estate Development Story.

So much began with Harvey Honoré, Sr., who we called Pop.

Everyone – everyone – says he was a good man; a man whose word was as solid as any contract. Never needed it in writing; he just did it right, just as he said. In this part of the world, that was all anyone needed. All anybody would need today. Over 30 years gone, but the memories remain. They still stop his grandchildren – 27 today – to tell them so.

Pop was young and wise, and folks could see it. In business, he came up hard, but strong, from the ground up. Laid bricks with an uncle, then went off on his own in ‘57 with uncle’s blessing. Pop loved quality in everything, and his work and character reflected it. Maybe that’s why we couldn’t get enough of him. Never forgetting that his anchor was Mom Betty, his faith and his family. What he wanted was always at home, and now reaches down deep through the generations.

Yes, Pop was what we call the complete package.

Losing Pop so young hurt all of us, bad. But we knew he wanted us to move forward and hit our marks, just as he did. Rhaoul, Sr. was just getting his engineering company going then. Of course, Pop helped him get a start, like he helped all his children. Sr. took Pop’s valuable lessons to heart – treating people well, not cutting corners, getting things right the first time and doing right by his family. He applied them to his new company, and built it from the ground up.

That company grew and, thankfully, prospered continuing the family tradition. A testimonial to Sr’s heartfelt care and concern for those who work there every day.

A firm that for the past 35 years has manifested the essence of Sr. – the rare combination of good people, quiet discipline, consistency and thoughtfulness. A depth and breadth of projects that include the Superdome, New Orleans Aquarium, Louis Armstrong International Airport, New Orleans streetcar line, John James Audubon Bridge, the Lamar-Dixon Expo Center and Baton Rouge’s SSO Program and Metropolitan Airport. Recognized for outstanding engineering and design accomplishments from Washington, DC to Baton Rouge Business Report’s Company of the Year. 

Sr. could stay with engineering and be just fine. He could even slow down. But, that’s not his way. He continues to generously offer opportunities for his family and his community, as he has for decades. Now creating a solid foundation for his two sons as partners, intimately involved in every detail of Pointe-Marie.


A living legacy of doing things right. Moving his dream forward. Like Pop - but in his own way.


So now Rhaoul, Sr. and the Guillaumes have decided to create something new again, as a family. We call it Pointe-Marie – a name that connects deeply with our family, the river, our culture and this remarkable area of Louisiana.
A living, breathing example of how Pop, and now Sr., feel about this community.

A village that is destination, resort and home – residential neighborhoods, shopping, dining, entertainment, sports, lodging, work, health and wellness, learning, and good times – carefully crafted into a one-of-a-kind combination to bring out the heart in each.

A special place celebrating the traditions, depth, easiness, attention to detail and warmth that guide our family – from those lazy summers that Sr. spent outdoors with his grandfather
“Papoo” on the river in New Roads, to our home here in this unique area of Louisiana.

Structures and design embracing building traditions that have made Louisiana known and loved worldwide. A place to spend quality time – a few hours, a day, a week, or a lifetime – with friends and family.

A look and feel like those rare memorable places that we’ve heard about – visited, when we were lucky – but never thought could be created anymore. Merchants and shopkeepers who know you by name. Streets as comfortable for children, bicycles and pedestrians as the automobile. Locals, residents and visitors who gather regularly to share good times.

A place where life is simpler, and slower, yet a short walk to a vibrant village center where sophistication and charm mix easy. Where people come together– old and young, locals and visitors – making memories for generations.

Put simply, a place that is real.

As for our part, we know complex work. We do it every day with our engineering company that Rhaoul Sr. created and nurtured over the past 35 years. A tradition that he is now passing on to his own family.

Rhaoul, Jr., his son and Pop’s eldest grandchild, brought up with a generation of family stories, now helping us translate our family traditions into a living breathing village. Traditions that welcome everyone in the same heartfelt way that we embrace our own family.

Randy, Rhaoul Sr.’s second son, after significant background in Sr’s engineering firm, now overseeing Pointe-Marie’s production and growing operations as we execute this vision, day by day.

Sons who honor the notion of “family business”, respecting the leadership from Sr., and still admiring him as a father. Who know their good work will reflect well on him, their family, city and region for generations. Who believe so deeply in creating a sense of community that they will build their own residences, move in, and call Pointe-Marie home.

So, we know how to design and build things right, and we sure know how relationships work, business and personal. And we all know that a community is just a collection of relationships. We know Baton Rouge. We live here and raised our families here. Joining together in an endeavor that welcomes people of all ages and interests to come together in this one unique place. A place that speaks for our entire family and community, with depth and heart, and not just some development deal.

And, of course, all of our children and grandchildren. We are proud that those children love their family and this beautiful area. Children raised with Pop’s message ringing through their ears – “Make me proud.”
In creating our new village, we will listen to our children and respect their voices, because they are the future. 

Of course, like every other part of family and business, this is no small undertaking. We have already spent the last three years with our team refining the village – financially, in plan, architecturally and on the site. 

We know it will require even more planning, discipline, perseverance and, of course, hard work as we move forward. In our own individual business, we deal with these things every day.

We also know that we are only as good as the people around us and treat every person who works with us with kindness and respect, like family. We know that when all the pieces come together right, there is nothing like it.

We don’t know how to do things halfway. We’re either all in, or not in at all.

The results, we also know from experience, are memorable. Within our own company, we’ve learned that, with this type of care, concern and mindfulness applied to a project, folks can actually feel the passion when they experience the place itself. And already with our Pointe- Marie team, we are feeling our village come to life.

Our Name

Like our planning, architecture and sense of community in Pointe-Marie, our name is also the result of a mindful process. Our objective – create a name that would connect with the family, our culture, the site, and the region.


The site is located at the tip of a major bend in the Mississippi River.  When the Mississippi River meanders, it deposits sediment due to its movement slowing. These areas of deposition are called “Point Bars” or "Points of Inflection." In keeping with the French heritage of the family and area, the French spelling for “Point” is “Pointe.”



There is a strong sense of Acadian, Cajun, Creole, and Louisiana in the Founders’ family. In tracing these roots, we looked to the areas of Canada and France where the great migrations began. The Flag of Acadia was adopted in 1884 by 5,000 Acadian delegates on Prince Edward Island. Mary the Blessed Virgin has an honored place within the Founders’ families. Église Sainte-Marie is a Catholic church located in Church Point, Nova Scotia, Canada. It is the largest and tallest wooden building in North America. Marie is the French spelling for Mary.

"Pointe" is the French name for a point on the bend of the Mississippi River.

"Marie" is the French name for Mary, the patron saint of Acadiana.


The meaning behind our flag’s design?

  • The Tricolor represents the Motherland of the Acadians

  • The yellow star, the Stella Maris, is the symbol of Mary, Acadian national symbol and patron of the mariners

  • It is set on the blue stripe, because blue is the color of Mary

  • The yellow color of the star represents the Papacy

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