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Neighborhood Amenities

At Pointe-Marie is rekindling a rich tradition with our already-memorable collection of intimate and engaging civic structures, pop-up retail, entertainment venues and other gathering space – all built in the very first phase of our village development. These special structures and gathering areas have been instrumental in entertaining and engaging our residents and visitors from day one, while becoming a powerful foundation for the large-scale structures of our Village Center.

Village Center Pool

In keeping with our mission of transcending the “typical neighborhood pool”, our Village Center Pool features Louisiana vernacular architecture, a 37’ X 82’ main pool with 4 regulation swim lanes (for swim meet events), pool fountains, 4 intimate private cabanas, a main cabana, men’s and women’s restrooms with built in exterior benches, adjacent 25’ children’s play/pool area, extensive sunning and gathering areas and much more!


Village Playground 


Why can’t playgrounds be designed well and still be fun? How could the “architecture” of the playground add to the neighborhood? Can we help kids of different ages play and interact?  And how can parents enjoy themselves in a resort pool setting while keeping track of their kids? We think we’ve answered all in the affirmative.


Community Garden 


The Community Garden continues to flourish as it has for the past 2 years, providing fresh vegetables for our residents and their guests. For some, fussing alone in the garden is a constant joy, others savor gathering with neighbors and friends, and still others simply enjoy the harvest!


Village Estate Park 


Village Estates Park is a large green space for residents to enjoy. Our community parks invite residents to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. They are more than just lush green spaces, they are designated places within our community to connect with neighbors, build friendships and create lasting memories steps from home. We believe that our parks foster a sense of community, promote wellness, and celebrate the beauty of nature. Come experience it for yourself - your serene escape in the heart of our vibrant community awaits. 

Dog Park 


Memorable towns and villages have a number of large and small parks – each with its own distinct personality – adding an extra dash of cayenne to the neighborhood social gumbo. And dog parks are not just for the dogs and their owners. A dog park is for everyone. A reason to get together (with Fido or not) and just smile (sometimes laugh) at the antics of the dogs (and their owners)! 

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