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Our Master Plan

Our master plan combines diverse residential neighborhoods with shopping, dining, entertainment, health and wellness, learning, and a good time.

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Take A Closer Look

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The Village Center at Pointe-Marie, from its first phase to its last, will become a primary amenity and attraction for residents, guests, and visitors. It will provide a diverse and engaging array of essentials and much more. Dining, boutique shopping, and entertainment, to gathering, lodging, and residences – all within a short walk from every neighborhood and district and equally accessible on foot or by automobile. Our earliest structures and gathering areas are already providing gathering and entertainment that will set the character of the village for the generations that will follow.

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In the Central Square neighborhoods, our single-family homes will range from smaller-scale cottages to estate homes. The architecture of Pointe-Marie will celebrate the architectural traditions of Louisiana, utilizing time-tested designs with the advancements of the 21st century – creating a design vocabulary for Pointe-Marie that we call “21st Century Louisiana”.

village square.png

Our Village Estates district will offer larger homesites surrounded by expansive neighborhood parks, preserves, gathering areas and nature. As with Central Square, in this district you have the opportunity to choose a finished home or work with our sales associates to create a semi-custom or custom creation of our own.

Our Architecture


During the 3+ years of refining our planning for Pointe-Marie, we invested a great deal of effort towards an authentic architectural vocabulary for the village. Some of the ideas in this sketchbook were used while others were not, but the sketchbook provided a guidebook of prototypes for our pursuit of a final architectural palette for the village.

Click on the image to see the PDF Sketchbook or click here.

Pointe-Marie Design Code

All village architecture will be governed by the Pointe-Marie Design Code, a clearly-defined collection of codes, guidelines, and regulations combined with a mindful design review process. The Design Code not only describes what NOT to do, but acts as a living document that shows our homeowners how to contribute towards a cohesive architectural ensemble – a collection of structures that celebrate the design principles and building traditions of Louisiana and the South. This vernacular design vocabulary will not just be a rehash of old historic structures, but will blend with the context, sustainability and advancements of the 21st century.

We have named the result – 21st Century Louisiana.

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