Five minute walk

Pointe-Marie will offer an array of amenities, civic structures, parks, shopping, dining, entertainment, essentials and gathering spaces within easy walking distance from every neighborhoods and district, promoting interactions between residents, merchants, shopkeepers and visitors while reducing dependence upon the automobile.

Pedestrian walkways

A clearly defined collection of trails, pathways and our over 1-mile long Promenade will connect a collection of major parks and preserves with the Village Center, village amenities, neighborhoods and districts –allowing residents to engage nature and one another simultaneously.
Sustainable Architecture

Pointe-Marie structures will combine thoughtful design, development and sustainable materials and practices to create a structures for the generations.
Vernacular landscape

Our landscape plan and codes encourage Louisiana-indigenous plants and foliage with lower irrigation needs.
Contemplative and passive space

Select areas of the village will offer amenities and spaces that are purposely placed, identified and designed as settings for quiet reflective activities. The combination of these passive natural areas with the active vibrant gathering areas will help mirror and enhance the many dimensions of daily life of our owners, guests and visitors.
A community garden

We have not forgotten Louisiana’s love affair with food! Pointe-Marie’s community garden will provide a venue where our residents, merchants, guests and visitors can participate in growing fruits and vegetables with the assistance of trained gardeners.
In addition to providing edible produce, these gardens will also become an amenity for those who enjoy spending time in garden spaces with friends and neighbors, while leaving the hard work to trained professionals.
Architecture for the ages

All village architecture be governed by a defined collection of codes, guidelines, regulations and mindful design review process, helping to create a cohesive architectural ensemble that celebrates the memorable small towns and villages of Louisiana and the greater South.
Health and wellness

Pointe-Marie will offer a diverse approach to health and wellness facilities and programs for multiple ages and interest levels, encouraging the care and enhancement of body and mind.
Birdlife and native mammals

In keeping with Pointe-Marie’s creating its place sensitively within the natural environment, we have worked with Mac Myers, a recognized bird expert, to prepare a list of bird and wildlife that could be expected within the village. 

     Download the pdf here.

Hand clearing

With the exception of our roadways and select infrastructure, we HAND-CLEARED the entire 34 acres of property in our first phase of development. This time-consuming and expensive process allowed us to minimally impact the flora and fauna of the site as we installed the infrastructure and prepared for design and construction of our amenities and the gathering areas of our Village Center. 

Programming for sustainability

As a part of its wide variety of other programs and entertainment, the Pointe-Marie Institute will underwrite and sponsor programming that recognizes and celebrates sustainability in its many forms. Some examples:
  • Locally grown food, Slow Food and farm-to-table sustainable cooking
  • Health and wellness programs and events
  • Programs addressing native flora and fauna
  • Retreats and other quiet contemplative and artistic pursuits