Pointe-Marie Institute

Pointe-Marie InstituteWe know that creating the actual physical village of Pointe-Marie is not enough.

We want our village to grow into a vital, active and interesting place – a place with heart and character that nurtures friendships, family, gathering and good times through the generations.

To help this happen, we created the Pointe-Marie Institute, a non-profit foundation dedicated to creating and nurturing a sense of community for our village.

We believe the Institute is so important that we created it BEFORE we created the village itself, to establish a firm foundation of programming, events, festivals and gatherings – a human infrastructure - that will:
  • Establish the character of the village prior to its construction
  • Add to the depth and richness of daily life within it
  • Continue to help develop the character of the village long after completion of physical development
The Institute’s mission: connecting civic life to daily life…
The Institute will regularly sponsor interesting and diverse events, programs and activities within the village that educate and entertain while providing occasions for gathering among residents, guests and visitors.

Examples of Institute programming will include:
  • Concerts and good music
  • Celebrating local and regional traditions
  • Fitness 
  • Food, Slow Food and locally sourced cooking
  • Health and wellness
  • Outdoor “walk-in “movies
  • LSU gatherings 
  • Sports gatherings (SEC Championship, NFL playoffs, Super Bowl, College World Series,   Final 4, NBA Finals, World Series, etc.)
  • Programs addressing native flora and fauna
  • Festivals celebrating the change of seasons
  • Arts and humanities programs that are entertaining and fun
  • Reconnecting and with nature and ourselves 
  • Visiting authors for readings 
  • Sports figures and other VIP sports demonstrations and presentations
  • Helping disadvantaged children interact with the village
  • Holiday recognition
  • Retreats and other quiet contemplative and artistic pursuits
  • Connection and coordination with events and other activities held at the L’Auberge Hotel and Casino
  • Donating time in private guest houses and/or residences for visiting performers, authors and artists-in-residence
  • Opportunities for residents to share village programs and events with family and extended family
  • Meeting new acquaintances and friends at Institute functions
  • Interrelated activities and events in tandem with local, regional and national non-profits organizations and communities