Our Name
"What's in a name? That which we call a rose,
By any other name would smell as sweet."
Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet
Like our planning, architecture and sense of community in Pointe-Marie, our name is also the result of a mindful process.
Our objective – create a name that would connect with the family, our culture, the site, and the region.


  • The site is located at the tip of a major bend in the Mississippi River.
  • When the Mississippi River meanders, it deposits sediment due to its movement slowing. These areas of deposition are called “Point Bars” or points of inflection¹
  • In keeping with the French heritage of the family and area, the French spelling for “Point” is “Pointe”


  • There is a strong sense of “Acadian”, “Cajun”, “Creole” and “Louisiana” in the Founders’ family
  • In tracing these roots, we looked to the areas of Canada and France where the great migrations began
  • The Flag of Acadia was adopted in 1884 by 5,000 Acadian delegates on Prince Edward Island
  • Mary the Blessed Virgin has an honored place within the Founders’ families
  • Église Sainte-Marie is a Catholic church located in Church Point, Nova Scotia, Canada. It is the largest and tallest wooden building in North America.
  • Marie is the French spelling for Mary.
  • The meaning behind the flag’s design²?
    • The Tricolor represents the Motherland of the Acadians.
    • The yellow star, the Stella Maris, is the symbol of Mary, Acadian national symbol and patron of the mariners.
    • It is set on the blue stripe, because blue is the color of Mary
    • The yellow color of the star represents the Papacy
Put simply
"Pointe" is the French name for a point on the bend of the Mississippi River.
"Marie" is the French name for Mary, the patron saint of Acadiana.

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² Descriptions from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_of_Acadia#cite_note-0