We have invested in significant amenities in Pointe-Marie…
  • The costs of our Phase 1 common areas and amenities exceeds $3,300,000.00
  • Ultimate estimated amenities cost at completion of the village exceeds $21,000,000
We are equally invested in governing our village…

We have invested the same attention to detail in shaping our homeowner associations that we have in the planning, architecture, community and development components of Pointe-Marie.
Our Homeowners Associations are divided for ease of governance….

Pointe-Marie Master Association with 3 sub-associations:
  • Village Center
  • Central Square
  • Village Estates
We believe in managing our amenities with on-site management personnel…

Our on-site property management and maintenance team will be dedicated exclusively to Pointe-Marie.
We brought in top-notch outside expertise to manage our homeowners associations…  

Virtuous Management Group (Miramar Beach, Florida)
  • 13 years of association management and maintenance experience, including properties such as Sandestin, Watercolor and Watersound
  •  Experience with projects with members of Pointe-Marie team for last 8 years
  •  Previously managed 150 associations from the Florida panhandle to the Mississippi Gulf Coast with 422 employees
  •  Focus on quality one-off projects around the southeast
Our management team has analyzed the finances for our associations in depth…
  • Homeowners Association Phase 1 budget: +/- $265,000
  • Phase I monthly budget per lot: $85/month
  • Estimated full development operating budget at completion of village: +/- $970,000 (2016 dollars)
  • Estimated monthly budget per lot upon completion of village: $85/month (2016 dollars)