Phase 1 Event Venues

We believe that creating civic and gathering venues and entertaining and engaging programming are an integral part of village placemaking.

We intend to have these valuable elements of community in place from the very beginning.

The combination with the Pointe-Marie Institute’s programming with these venues will bring residents, guests, visitors, our management and staff together to begin to breathe life into our village. 

Pointe-Marie Square

We have designed and will build a significant collection of event and gathering venues within Pointe-Marie during the next 6-8 months.
These structures will take the form of intimate and engaging civic structures, pop-up retail, entertainment venues and other gathering space.

Civic Structures

Click here to see Phase 1 Civic Structures.

Attracting and entertaining our residents and guests from day one, this early collection of gathering venues will form a powerful foundation for  
  • Other village-scale amenities throughout the village
  • The structures of our Village Center, a one-of-a-kind major gathering and entertainment center

Village-Scale Event Venues

Central Square Park

Pointe-Marie Central Square Park

Chapel and Creole Meeting Cottage

Pointe-Marie Chapel and Creole Meeting Cottage

Meeting House

Pointe-Marie Meeting House