Phase 1 Civic Structures

The most memorable small Southern towns and villages grew organically.
Early residents gathered regularly with neighbors and friends at the center of their small villages. Intimate and personal gatherings brought the entire village together, LONG before large downtown structures were ever built.

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Pointe-Marie Landscape Design Process  

In Pointe-Marie, we are returning to this rich tradition, with a memorable collection of intimate and engaging civic structures, pop-up retail, entertainment venues and other gathering space – all being built in the very first phase of our village development.
These special structures and gathering areas will entertain and engage our residents and guests from day one, while becoming a powerful foundation for the large-scale structures of our Village Center, a one-of-a-kind major gathering and entertainment center.

Discovery Center

A multi-use temporary public and civic space offering –
  •  Two digital presentation open theaters
  •  Indoor demonstration kitchen
  •  Design studio for residents and prospective purchasers
  •  Intimate conference and boardroom space
  •  Porch event space
  •  Outdoor turf gathering areas
  •  Check in, front desk and concierge operations
  •  Dedicated 7-day per week on-site brokerage, rental, presentation and management personnel
Point-Marie Discovery Center

Point-Marie Discovery Center 

Pointe-Marie Pavilion

An iconic screened gathering pavilion for the entire village that will become a primary venue for village events, parties, seminars, concerts, and recitals. Post and beam construction and vaulted ceilings direct ventilation up through a functional roof cupola.
Point-Marie Pavilion Elevations
Point-Marie Pavilion Interior

Demonstration Kitchen

Our intimate open-air cooking and event structure featuring two full outdoor kitchens and seating for 28 guests. A venue for a single or multiple chefs, cooking demonstrations, food events – or simply a one-off venue for two families to spend an evening barbequing together.

Point-Marie Demonstration Kitchen

Restroom Pavilions

Not only are these two pavilions a meaningful architectural ensemble in themselves, but acting together they will frame a private courtyard just east of the Pointe-Marie Pavilion, allowing private multiple event venues – all overlooking Pointe-Marie Square.

Point-Marie Restroom Pavilions


An elevated bandstand that can handle anything from an intimate theater production, concert, recital and presentation - or simply double as additional enclosed pavilion space for special gatherings.

 Point-Marie Bandstand Elevations Point-Marie Bandstand Floor PlanPoint-Marie Bandstand Bench

Magpies Pavilion

A well-designed and intimate food and beverage space that – when the windows are opened - converts to a pop-up eating pavilion supporting the multiple events and gatherings within Pointe-Marie Square. 
Point-Marie Kiosk
Parks and Pools

Of course, many projects include parks and swimming pools. But an authentic village brings more to the table.

At Pointe-Marie our parks and pools will act as true gathering centers. An array of inviting cabanas, parkland, garden structures and other civic spaces will accommodate every type of gathering.

Bringing families together and introducing old and new friends - in engaging and interesting ways not seen before in Baton Rouge. 

Village Center Pool

Additional Village Civic Structures

Examples of additional village-scale civic structures can be found here.